Como usar “MIGHT” em inglês


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Today I would like to give you an example with:


Might is most commonly used to express possibility

It is also often used in conditional sentences. English speakers can also use “might” to make suggestions or requests, although this is less common in American English. 


  • Your book might be in the living room. possibility
  • If I didn’t have to do my homework, I might go with you. conditional
  • You might visit the botanical gardens during your visit. suggestion
  • Might I borrow your phone? request


Match the two halves of the sentences

  1. If you do well at the test,                 _ _ _ if I get a pay rise.
  2. If you work hard,                             _ _ _ you might get the promotion.
  3. I might buy a house                         _ _ _ I might be touring Italy, too.
  4. If we arrive late                                _ _ _ we might miss the plane.
  5. If I were on holiday                          _ _ _ you might pass to the next level.

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